Our Company

Welcome at Serco Foods!

With an experience of more than forty years at the process of tomatoes and through development and research programs we continue with an even greater devotion having as a purpose to offer tomato products with the freshness and the smell of the moment of the harvest!

We choose the most fresh, ripe and red tomatoes and we process them with the respect that they deserve in order to end up at your kitchen preserving all their scent and exceptional flavor! All our products are 100% natural! Packed with intense flavor, aroma, freshness and with a high content of lycopene. Without the addition of conservatives and coloring substances.

The facilities and the production of SERCO FOODS are certified by the prototype ISO 22000:2005 since 2015 and they use the most technologically advanced machinery so that the products at their final stage have the finest quality without preservatives.

The strict appliance of the hygiene rules, in collaboration with the modern industrial equipment and the completely equipped microlobiogical laboratory ensure the stabile high quality of our products.

We take care the maintenance of our high standards 365 days yearly on both the plantation and all the process that follows. We never stop worrying until we are confident that we provide products with the highest qualities! 


About us
For over than forty years our company manufactures 100% natural tomato products by using handpicked tomatoes from the euphoric lowland of Serres. Since both of our factories are located in the lowland we are given the opportunity to watch all the stages of our tomatoes, from the moment they begin to grow until they are picked in our factories by our agriculturist crew. In this way, we ensure the high quality for our products. Our long term experience provides us the certainty that we can without any doubt warrant for the quality of our products. With our dedication and responsibility we continue producing 100% natural tomato products with our target being only the consumers’ complete satisfaction. Our company follows all the rules to establish our quality and is certified with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 which makes us even more proud of our products. We have recently developed our horizons by working with the company “Alinian Capital Group-USA” and always with our main focus on the excellent service for our clients providing trust and liability. In this way, further Europe, Australia and Africa we are expand to the American market as well.
Our vision
Serco Foods is a constantly developing industrial company with the manufacture of 100% natural tomato products. We aim the higher promotion of our products in the global market by producing original recipes for professionals and gourmet products. The exceptional Greek tomatoes that we process guarantee the exquisite taste and high quality of our products.
Corporate social responsibility
By recognizing her environmental and social responsibilities, Serco Foods, complies with all the European regulations and directives about the environmental protection while at the same time supports actions with social characteristics.